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Amor en tiempos de COVID

We all know that the daily reality of health workers is very different from ours. They face the same fears as everyone, however, they also fight constant battles in the noble profession of saving lives, exposing their physical, mental and emotional health in order to push forward a country that unfortunately has also been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moved by the spirit of compassion and sacrifice of the medical staff, I could not contain myself to compose an inspired work around it. Thus was born the script for the video-art "Illusion".

Intending it to be a product that touches the entire country, one of the main factors is the representation of the multi-ethnic and multicultural face of Costa Rica. So I selected 28 people of all types: Men, women; youth, adults, elder people; multiple professions, including renowned artists; Costa Ricans and nationalized foreigners from Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Spain, China, Cuba and finally, a girl who looks the viewer straight in the eye with an innocent but powerful message for everyone.

The creation of "Illusion" has been carefully crafted under all sanitary measures. "Illusion" is a 4-minute collective audiovisual production of emotional content on a musical, visual, and conceptual level.

Videoarte Ilusión: Construcción Sonora

Mensaje y objetivos

If the population does not commit to the issue with strict responsibility, we would be defrauding not only the medical workers but also the entire country, being an unnecessary burden. Illusion is hope, but what we hope about the future right now is only an illusion, if we don't work together to achieve it.

Objectives of the work:


  • Reflect artistic and aesthetic beauty

  • Express strong emotions (such as fear, sadness, despair, hope, etc.) in a critical period of the pandemic and confinement, with performances of different artistic disciplines with top artists in each area.

  • Expose the urgent need for our collective strength. Look in the same direction.

  • Soundly enhance a warm feeling towards our Costa Rica with the creative and original adaptation of an emblematic Costa Rican piece.

  • Projecting the multiethnic and multicultural face of Costa Rica.


"Art is the most subtle and powerful exorcism to move the masses"

                                                                                       Man Yu

Teasers  del proyecto

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