is a multidisciplinary visual artist and a Chinese-Costa Rican activist born in Hong Kong and based in Costa Rica, where she settled in 1986 when her family decided to emigrate in search of peace. She began drawing during her childhood, expressing her inner world through illustrated cartoons when words eluded her or became unnecessary. Her professional artistic training has been mainly self-taught and although painting has been the medium in which she has stood out the most, she incorporates a variety of multidisciplinary media such as installation, video and performance. Much of her work shows her abilities to portray the human anatomy and decipher the different layers of the human being. This constant theme of her work expresses an artistic and personal vision that pays tribute to humanism and a deep respect for living beings.

Her works are present in various collections of international institutions, including the Chinese Culture Ministry, the China Post, the Hanwei International Arts Center, the National Gallery of Costa Rica, Juan Santamaria Airport, the National Bank of Costa Rica and the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica.

She has obtained important awards, such as the best short film at the European International Film Festival and the declaration of national cultural interest by the Costa Rican Government, as well as awards at the Show Art of the Italian Association of Artists in Buenos Aires, the Winter Exhibition at the ESART Gallery in Barcelona and at the Rocca Museum Historical Research Institute. She also represented Costa Rica at the 2017 Beijing International Art Biennale, at the 2019 Latin American Art Festival, as well as in the official issuance of commemorative envelopes by the China Post in 2019.


However, her humanitarian trips, as a rescuer to countries suffering from natural disasters in Central and South America, the fight against global warming and for the creation of a collective conscience to help us get out of our own microworld and allow us to think about global challenges we face as a species, are evidence that Man Yu gives the best of her life in defense of others and the Global Village, leaving her mark on those for whom she has been willing to offer everything in order to alleviate human pain and despair.


That is why Man Yu defines herself as an artist and as a humanist, someone who wants to convey sensitivity and knowledge, and thus contribute to the evolutionary process from art, as a human being. "Art is the most powerful way to move and sensitize the masses, from inside out", says the artist.

Man Yu