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I am interested in communicating. I started in art precisely because I didn't know the words to express so many things I had to say, although what I generally want to say transcends the physical plane.

My current work focuses even more on the intangible, proposing intersectionality and transdisciplinarity that allows me to expand the languages with which to communicate, apart from the pictorial realism with which my works are recognized. However, I work around figuration, because in my definition of the invisible, the visible is the limit that prevents a work from being infinite.

I intend that those who enter the exhibition halls are not the same ones when they leave. Although my profession is a work of art, I consider my work as a social work. I seek that the messages around which I work have a humanistic, spiritual quality, in order to provoke introspection, promote a process of change, albeit a very subtle one, at some level of existence.

My inspiration is internal, but motivated by society. It is important for me to respond to a reality of the moment. I am inspired by the fact of knowing that, in some way, with art I can transform people's lives.

With this, I deeply believe in the democratization of art and the promotion of access to contemporary art to sectors of the population that are normally excluded by the art world. In relation to this, I am very interested in the mediation and tools of the mainstream applied to artistic concepts and proposals, in such a way that through reaching the popular media and spaces, a broader transformation can be provoked and not limited to the music scene. art, as is common in the museum circuit.

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