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the human closet

As part of the multidisciplinary exploration and collaborative work between artists from different unions, 11 fashion designers from the Creative University (Laura Vargas Tuk, Pamela Vargas, Joselyn Lam, Kendry Guido, Maureen Berrocal, Tatiana Marín, Yorleny Artavia, Jimena Sanz, Gimena Ramírez, Cristi Blanco and Sheyla Palma), under the direction of Rob Chamaeleo and the starting point of Man Yu, created 40 pieces of clothing to reinforce the message of the Human Suit.

“It is about the concept being able to reach as many people as possible, and, understanding that we all have different artistic affinities, it was important to incorporate fashion design through which messages could be communicated in a sartorial language, thus reaching more people. In this way, young talents who are vigorously exploring their artistic expression through fashion design become one more means, with their tools, like me, with mine, to communicate a universal message, ”says Man Yu.

Rob Chamaeleo, director of the fashion design career at the Creative University, comments:

“The Creative University is proud to work with the national artist Man Yu especially at the root of the identity theme in her works. Man Yu has worked, with great technique and skill, in the deconstruction of human identity: its meaning, its poetry, its joys and impediments. This year the Creative University in the area of ​​fashion worked precisely on exploring the sociopolitical identity of the human being: and what better way to end the exploration than with the collaboration and instruction of such a talented artist?

We thank Man Yu and Global Metro Art for incorporating us into the exhibition of the work. As fashion designers within the Creative University we appreciate the human being as the canvas of our work; the human being is the leaf that we paint with our threads. Conversely, Man Yu paints naked bodies on canvas. Our disciplines, which travel perpendicular paths, will arrive at a meeting point with the runwayon December 13. It is an honor for us to participate in this event. ”

This fashion show, El Clóset Humano, was held on December 13, 2018 as the closing event for the exhibition at the National Gallery. The catwalk was attended by the most popular Costa Rican fashion influencers, prominent people from the world of Costa Rican fashion, as well as the most recognized photographers on the scene. That busy night, the famous American rapper Brooke Candy was in the front row of the parade next to Man Yu.

The lineup was made up of 12 young models from The Aegency, partner of the event, and also as specials Zoë June Zeegelar and David Fung who were part of Human Suit from the beginning of the circuit, with their special participation as actors in the videoarts “La Most Beautiful Woman ”and“ N ° 77873B ”, respectively.

"With Human Suit the idea is that people can recognize that this skin we wear is one more layer, a clothing, a garment that we have to wear. I wanted fashion designers to join because it is on a runway where a garment is officially validated as a piece of clothing, like a baptism. For example, recycled plastic fabrics are socially accepted as part of clothing when it goes through the validation of the fashion industry ”highlights Man Yu.

Diseños del proyecto

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