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                                                is an interdisciplinary artist, humanist, vegan, and environmentalist. Born in Hong Kong, she settled in Costa Rica when her family emigrated in search of peace. Although painting has been the medium in which he has excelled, it incorporates multiple multidisciplinary media such as installation, video, and performance.

Her training has been outside the academy, with artists from the old guard such as Julio Escámez (Chile), Nelly Eyo (Argentina), and Wu Song Ze (China). Much of her work focuses on raising awareness about problems through the decipherment of the layers of the human being. With this, her work goes through antixenophobic and antihomophobic activism, treating identity beyond the differences of the physical surface layers of being.

She has participated in multiple national and international exhibitions, with works in public collections inside and outside Costa Rica, such as the Postal Mail and the Ministry of Culture of China, the Hanwei International Group, the Costa Rican Center for Science, and Culture, the National Bank. from Costa Rica and the Juan Santamaría Airport.

She has obtained important recognitions, such as the best short film at the European International Film Festival and the declaration of Costa Rican national cultural interest.

Man Yu represented Costa Rica in Museari Queer Art in Valencia 2021, in the International Video Art Festival of Camagüey 2021, and the official exhibition of 10 years of Artistic Exchange between China, Latin America, and the Caribbean in Beijing 2021. Also, in the Art Festival Latin American Beijing 2019, in the issuance of commemorative envelopes of the Post Office of China in 2019, and the Beijing Biennial 2017. Her most recent solo exhibition, Human Suit, was held at the La Neomudéjar Museum in Madrid in 2021.

Also, she is part of the performance cartography "Centroamérica en Acción" published by the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design and supported by the Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, and of the cartography of the comic made by women "Graphic Coordinates" published by AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation).

Official Ambassador Essential Costa Rica.

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